Addressing workplace skills transfer is one of the most critical interventions that will make the difference as Africa advances in achieving its developmental goals. The time has come to stop talking about skills shortages and to DO something about it.

At EmPOWER Systems, we believe that through carefully planned empowerment interventions, industry and the economy can absorb more youth who could be rescued from the hopelessness of poverty and unemployment. Taking our cue from the massive infrastructure programs identified by our governmental Leaders, and the billions of rand and dollars being injected into national and multinational projects, we are convinced that Africa is poised to prosper as appropriate and adequate skills development and training programs are identified and implemented.

EmPOWERsystems has consequently over the years, aligned itself with various local and multinational Accredited Training experts, together with Professionals in Engineering fields, Industry Leaders, Governmental and Corporate stakeholders and numerous solution-focused organizations to design programs and systems to achieve short, medium and long term skills targets, thereby creating the platform for empowerment and success in Africa.